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1.  Tell us something about you and your dog training experiences?

I'm Varuna Kaur. I'm both a dog trainer and behaviourist in Mumbai. I have been mentored by the very well known Shirin Merchant and John Rogerson, I've had a great time training and learning with dogs. I feel very lucky that I'm also amongst the very few who have received the “International True2Life™ Level 4 Dog training and behavior certification” this year. It has been a wonderful journey and I'm looking forward to a lot more coming my way!


2.  What motivated you to start giving training?


I used to be a volunteer at Welfare for Stray Dogs (WSD) for about 4-5 years where I used to help in first aid, vaccinations and so on. I was always curious of how dogs deal with their problems and their behaviorurs. After I got into this field, I realized I couldn't have helped dogs and their owners in a better way than this and who wouldn't love to spend all their time while working with dogs, right? :)


3.  What are the biggest challenges in training for dogs?

My biggest challenge till date is training dogs who have been trained previously using wrong or abusive methods and dogs who have been to many dog events such as dog parties, pet socialization events and so on. I have seen an increase in aggression in dogs. Training these owners and dogs becomes a little bit tedious.


4.  How has customer feedback motivated you in training?

Customer feedback is very important to me. When you receive a feedback about your training you realize exactly where you stand. Be it a negative or positive feedback, you know how much more work is still required and that really helps me to grow as a dog trainer.


5.  Do you have any advice for new/aspiring pet parents?


Learn about the breed you are living or going to live with and choose the right dog that suits your family's energy levels. Start your pup's training on the same day or the very next day when you bring them home. Ddon’t wait for a long time, it never helps! Choose your trainer very carefuly. It always helps to have a good certified trainer on board, so even if you are going wrong, you have someone who knows what they are doing and they will guide you. You will always be happy if your dog is well behaved and your dog will also love it!


6.  Have you noticed any change in the mindset of pet parents over the years?


The mindset of people about dogs has opened more over the years. People are becoming more responsible. Of course, there are pros and cons to this side, but I think people are managing it in a better way.


7.  Any tips that you would like to give to pet parents?


Choose a trainer who knows what they are doing, who won't use abusive methods on your dog, who will teach you exactly what is being done in class and who will make sure that your problems are being considered seriously. It’s literally an investment for life if you find a good trainer. There are tons of trainers who use choke chains and shock collars but your dog never needs that kind of treatment because we can understand them in better ways.


8.  What are the common mistakes that are done by pet parents?

The most common mistake by pet parents these days is "socializing" their dogs wrongly with other dogs. Taking them to dog parties, dates and so on has only made things worse. I have seen a massive increase in dog to dog reactivity and aggression in the last 2 years because of this very reason! The understanding of socialization is very different for humans



9.  How can pet parents reach you?

I'm available between 8 am - 9 pm on

9833229740. They can also connect with me via email, waggthattail@gmail.com or through my Facebook Page - Wagg That Tail!