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Pets are an important part of our family and when it comes time to travel, it’s hard to imagine leaving home without them. As much joy as bringing along your four-legged friends can be, it can be daunting once you factor in transportation, activities, where to stay, and your pet’s health and safety. We’ve consulted with some of the most seasoned pet travel experts to get the scoop on how to make sure travelling with your pet goes as smooth as possible.

In case you are travelling by car, make frequent stops for potty & water breaks. It’s also important to let your pet stretch their legs and sniff around. If flying, consider booking a non-peak flight, which typically means fewer passengers and more cabin room. This will help ease potential stress for your pet.





When travelling with your pet, always carry pet’s “travel bag.” In it, make sure you have access to the “must haves” for any type of travelling with your pet. Your travel bag should include a first aid kit, water bottle and bowl, vaccination records, current photo, clean up bags, wet wipes and paper towels. Toss in an extra collar and leash in the event either is misplaced. To prevent problems carry allergy medication(s), a sweater, tweezers for tick removal and a flashlight for nighttime walks. 

Also, carry extra identification for your pet on every trip. They wear a traditional pet tag at home but, for trips, you can add a special pet tag with your cell phone number. You can make them wear a special Tagg GPS unit on their collars so you can use a smartphone to locate them and avoid situations like pets getting away from you. Not to forget to carry travel-sized cleaning supplies, just in case of any spillage in the hotel room. Pet deposits at hotels can be hefty so you need to carry both spots and urine removers from Rug Doctor in the travel bag. And carry your pet’s’ food to avoid any tummy upsets on the road.




You can also keep your pet to a sitter but you need to plan certain things in advance before you leave them to a sitter. If the sitter is a stranger to your pet, offer to pay the person to come over in advance. Spend some time with the sitter and then leave for about an hour and you would know the difference. It is important that the sitter establishes a relationship with your pet and you will immediately know whether you feel comfortable leaving your pet with them. Discuss any odd habits your pet may have, let them know about their food habits, preferences about petting spot or scratching spots, specific allergy, favourite toys anxiety problems, etc. Make sure you give the sitter your pet’s bed since the bed will smell like you and your home and make him more comfortable. Other comforting items would be food or blanket. Your pet can quickly and easily pick up on your emotions. If you’re feeling anxious about leaving him, he will feel anxious about you leaving. If you’re feeling comfortable, your pet will feel the same way. 




Bottom line is, you will miss your pet and so will your pet but you have to leave them behind in case you can’t take them with you. But eventually, your pet will pick up on this, stay calm & confident. In case you are taking your little bud with you make sure you take all the precautions and needful things with you.