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This Rescue Dog Has Entered The Guinness World Record

The Guinness World Records has declared a St. Bernard from South Dakota in the United States for having the longest tongue for a dog. According to The Guinness World Records 2016, Mochi’s tongue measures 7.31 inches.

Mochi’s owner says the rescue dog has some breathing problems because of her long tongue. When Mochi is nervous, she slobbers more than usual. According to the Guinness Records, Mochi’s tongue is equivalent to two-and-a-half Jenga blocks in a row. The animal has now been verified as having the longest tongue on a dog (current) in 2016.

The couple got their extraordinary, peanut-butter-loving pooch from Big Dogs Huge Paws rescue home when she was two years old. With the record-breaking tongue, her owner, Carla Rickert hopes it brings attention on adopting rescue animals.

Guinness World Records quoted Carla as saying, “With this record, we hope to bring attention to how much joy rescued animals can bring to their new family. Mo is resilient, comical, loving and eternally grateful and loyal to us – her forever family. This once abused and neglected pup has taught us that it’s okay to be different. We are proud of her unique feature.”

According to Carla, Mo enjoys dressing up in costumes, getting her picture taken and spending time with her family and snacking on sweet potatoes. Other than breathing problems, other issues due to the long tongue are the dirt, dust and leaves sticking to her tongue and help required in picking up things up off the floor.

Talking about Mochi’s achievement, Carla said, “It still does not seem real! Mochi is so humble, she never brags or boasts but I know that she is as proud of her new record as we are. It feels truly amazing to be a part of the Guinness World Records: Amazing Animals book! We are so grateful for the opportunity to make other’s smile.”

Originally taken from- India.com Link- http://bit.ly/2gux2HA