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Tailwaggers Pet Salon is the brain child of Urmila Dabholkar and Gauri Keskar. They are proud to be the first dog salon in the country (with a mention in the Limca book of records for this feat). They have got featured in prestigious magazines and newspapers as the entrepreneurs who have taken the first step towards introducing dog grooming in India. 
Their goal is to provide quality services, which leave your pet looking and smelling beautiful and most importantly feeling comfortable, every time you visit them.
Apart from this, what is topmost on their minds is the health and overall well-being of your beloved pet & everything they do is designed with their safety and comfort in mind. There are a variety of ways to soothe your dog in the salon while being groomed, and one of these is music. Every detail of the instrumental music that they play- the tempos, rhythm, keys, note intervals, chord structures and plucking techniques - are carefully arranged to promote progressive peace and relaxation. Dogs usually begin to relax after listening for just a few minutes. Our compilation of INDIAN CLASSICAL MUSIC has instruments such as the santoor, flute & sitar. All their groomers, needless to say, are huge dog lovers and have trained with us for many years.
They can proudly say that even dogs with an attitude are treated with a lot of love and patience by their dedicated team of groomers and more often than not they manage to get our way around them and groom and style them too!!!

1.  Tell us something about you and your grooming experiences with dogs?

Tailwaggers is a first of it’s type salon in India which is only for pets. It is a unique idea of Urmila Dabholkar and Gauri Keskar. Our names have also been recorded in Limca book of records as entrepreneurs who took the first step in providing world class grooming facilities to dogs.



2.  What motivated you to start a dog grooming service?

As more and more people are indulging in keeping pets it is hard for pet owners to keep them neat and clean as they are not aware of various products needed to groom a pet. This made us think that like humans why isn’t there a salon for dogs which can provide good quality grooming service so that even pets can look beautiful and smell great. It then struck us that why don’t we start a salon for pets. 



3.  What are the biggest challenges in grooming dogs?

Since a salon for pets is a new concept in Mumbai many people are not aware about it. Another challenge is that many people want grooming service for their pet but they don’t know where they can get it. Slowly we are successful in tapping into this population who want their pets to enjoy a healthy and glowing coat. Many pets are cleanliness friendly but they do not co-operate in grooming services so there are chances that they might hurt themselves but nothing of that sort has ever happened in our salon.


4.  How has customer feedback motivated you in your grooming work?

All my customers are happy to get a grooming service for their pet as it makes them look good and beautiful. Most of the customers visit us on a regular basis so that their pet can indulge in nail clipping which protects their pets as well as others from getting hurt. 


5.  Do you have any advice for new/aspiring pet parents?

Like humans even dogs require trimming of hair and clipping of nails at regular intervals. Since people get dogs at a young age you should visit our salon with your pet so that they learn to remain calm and stress free in a salon. Bringing them at a salon will also help them to socialize with other dogs as well. 


6.  Have you noticed any change in the mindset of pet parents over the years?

People are opting for breeds like Shih Tzus, which have longer hair so it is important to indulge them in grooming service which enables them to enjoy a healthy and shiny coat. Many pet owners also inform us about things to which their pet is allergic to and it helps groomers at our salon to avoid products which contains those things.


7.  Any tips that you would like to give to pet parents regarding grooming?

Indulge your pets in a grooming service while they are young so that they become familiar with hair trimming, nail clipping and various other processes. It also protects them from experiencing stress when you visit other places with your pet so that he can enjoy a pleasant outing.


8.  What are the common mistakes that are done by pet parents with regards to grooming?

Most people get a pet but they forget to give their four legged pet a grooming service at regular intervals. As a result, their pet’s coat becomes dirty and they lose their beautiful look. Based on your pet’s breed you need to get your pet groomed at regular intervals so he looks his best.


9.  How can pet parents reach you?

I am available on 9820127572.

People can reach us on 9820127572 (Andheri) and 9820527572 (Bandra). You can even connect with us via email - tailwaggerspetsalon@yahoo.co.in. You can also follow us on https://www.facebook.com/TailwaggersPetGroomingSalon/.