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Retired man finds a companion

Q1. Can you tell me something about yourself?

A.  I am Anil Sethe and I am 63 years old. Currently, I am enjoying my retired life.


Q2. Can you tell us something about your pet?

A. I have a Cocker Spaniel - UK breed and his name is Rocky. He is 12 years old and he has been with us since birth. One of his best qualities is that he is very obedient and disciplined. We treat him as a member of our family and he also acts like one.


Q3. What was it like when you first met him?

A.  When I first met him, I connected instantly which I hadn’t felt with my earlier dogs. Earlier, I had two Australian dogs whose name were Silky and Sydney but the bond I have developed with Rocky isn’t the same which I had with earlier ones. I can’t explain this bond in words but it can only be experienced.


Q4. What was the biggest challenge of being a pet parent?

A.  The biggest challenge of having a pet is to understand and train them but I have taken care of him in the best possible way by providing him nutrition rich food and proper exercise by taking him on regular walks.


Q5. What has been the most rewarding part of being a pet parent?

A.  Since I am a retired person there are times I feel lonely but I know Rocky is always there to make my day exciting. At times, a person needs a companion and my pet has proved to be a very good one. He also understands me completely.


Q6. What has been a learning experience of being a pet parent?

A.   I have learnt that my dog is an Alpha dog. He is human-friendly rather than dog-friendly. He is also very sensitive. I remember an incident when he had become very excited and he unintentionally scratched my hand, later after noticing the scratches he came to lick them as if I had got hurt very badly.


Q7. What message would you like to give to new or aspiring pet parents?

A.  You should take care of your pet as if your own baby not because they can’t speak but because they will always be dependent on you for food. They will be completely dependent on you for their daily needs and you should treat them in the best possible way because in later years they will become your best pal or loyal companion or both.