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Registration of pets may be made mandatory

Ludhiana: After six years, the local bodies department has been reminded of implementation of animals bylaws in the MC to keep a check on the number of stray animals. The bylaws make it mandatory for cattle and pet owners to get their animals registered with the MC. The animals will be given a token number, which will be their permanent identification.

The local bodies department has sent a draft of the bylaws to the MC for their objections and finalization of the registration fee to be recovered from residents. According to the bylaws, owners will get their animals registered with the MC every April 1 and submit a certificate stating that the animal is free from diseases. The animal will be given a token, the cost of which will be borne by the owner. Registration will be valid only for one year and will be renewed next year.

The bylaws say the MC will develop a cattle pound where they will keep animals found wandering on city streets. If the animal is found with the tag and registration number, the owner will be asked to pay penalty before taking it from the cattle pound. If MC officials catch any animal straying more than twice, registration will be canceled and penalty will be imposed on the owner.

Revenue generated through registration fee or penalty amount will be spent on maintenance of the cattle pound, payment of compensation to victims of stray animals, payment of premium to third-party insurance of registered animals and cost of identification and veterinary health care of stray animals. Through these bylaws, compensation worth Rs 1 lakh has been fixed in case of death or handicap after an accident involving stray animals. Victims of stray dog bites can get Rs 1,000 per injury and in special cases, Rs 2,000 per teeth. Civic officials said similar bylaws have been framed for stray animals and stray dogs, which makes implementation tough. They said it is possible to get pets registered because but it is difficult for stray animals. He also said getting people to bear token expense is a tough task.

Senior veterinary officer Dr.Y.P.Singh said they will decide the fee structure and send it to the local bodies department and final notification will be done at the department level. Back in 2011, MC house members passed a resolution saying that Rs 250 would be charged for registration of pets with the MC and a metal token would be given to be put around the neck of dogs for 12 months starting from April 1 to March 31. They said the metal token will be compulsory for all pets and any pet that does not have it could be lifted by MC officials. But these rules were never implemented.

Original Article from: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/chandigarh/registration-of-pets-may-be-made-mandatory/articleshow/61176020.cms