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If you’re a pet parent, you understand the stress of leaving your feline or canine companion behind when you go on vacation. With this handy list of daycare and boarding services for pets, however, you can head out knowing your beloved is in safe and loving hands.

1: Petcetra

Service for: Dogs, cats, rodents

Started by a group of veterinary students, Petcetra provides pet sitting services across the city. They’re a good option if your pet doesn’t adapt easily to new environments, as it’s a home service. A volunteer will arrange to make daily home visits or stay 24 hours to ensure your pet is given food, exercise, and plenty of TLC. They also offer grooming options including bathing, hair clipping, nail trimming, and ear cleaning, and will send plenty of pictures to keep you updated!
For more information call + 91 8452957686.
Price: Rs 400 (hourly visit) to Rs. 1500 for the first day and Rs. 800 further for every consecutive day for cats; Rs 500 (for the first hour) to Rs 1,500 (whole day) for dogs.



2: Pooch Matters

Service for: Dogs only
Dog lover Ranjana, based out of South Mumbai, offers a homely environment for your precious friend for up to a week (can be extended on request). She only boards one dog at a time, ensuring your pet gets plenty of one-on-one attention, which includes four walks a day, a short grooming session, and a check for ticks and fleas. Your pooch is also provided three homemade meals (vegetarian or non-vegetarian) along with two mid-meal snacks and plenty of toys to keep him or her occupied!
PS: Pooch Matters also makes doggie treats, homemade cat and dog food, and customised cakes for your pet on order!
For more information call +91 98331 19562.
Price: Rs 1,500 per day



3: Petsitterz - Mumbai

Service for: Dogs and cats

Dr Neeta Vanjari boards pets at her Oshiwara home, though she only accepts one pet at a time, with exceptions for those from the same household. She does have a cat of her own, so if you’re considering boarding your pet here, make sure they’re comfortable with sharing space with another. The daily routine includes a walk twice a day and home-cooked food (at an extra charge) for dogs. For cats, both food and litter need to be arranged by the pet owner.

For more information call +91 98216 24079.

Price: Rs 500 per day (meals provided by pet owner) and Rs 650 per day (inclusive of homemade meals) for dogs; Rs 250 per day for cats


4: Petsville
Service for: Dogs and cats
A recreational centre for pets, Petsville offers a cage-free boarding space for dogs and a separate one for cats (they’re only caged if unfriendly or have special needs). With regular play sessions, full-time, trained attendants, and even 24/7 CCTV surveillance, this is a great option if you have a pet that is comfortable in new environments.
For more information call +91 98673 05544.
Price: Starting at Rs 700 per day



5: Guardian of the Purr

Service for: Cats only

Knowing cats and their territorial nature, Mehar and Yashashree started Guardian of the Purr, a cat sitting service where they will come to your house to look after your feline while you’re away. They’ll take care of the necessities like cleaning up the litter box and refilling water and food, as well as play with your kitty so he or she doesn’t feel lost without you.
For more information call +91 9833938582.
Price: Rs 500 per one-hour visit (Rs 100 per hour after that if required)


6: FineK9
Service for: Dogs only
Certified canine trainer and behaviourist, Priyamvada will come to your house to pet sit your dog while the family's away. She recommends you give her at least 15 days’ notice and a pre-boarding meeting with your pet so she can assess their temperament and behaviour. You can leave your dog in Priyamvada's capable hands knowing he or she will be well taken care of, from their daily walks to plenty of love and affection. If required, she'll stay overnight as well.
For more information call +91 75067 37827.
Price: Prices start at Rs 2,800 per day



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