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1) Can you give a short introduction about yourself and what you do ?

Hi! I'm Swarali Kulkarni. I have studied pharmacy and recently got into the field of social media, content writing and digital marketing! :)
Also, I blog at Mumbai Food Junkie™ ( www.instagram.com/MumbaiFoodJunkie )


2) What is your pet's name/breed and how long have you been with them ?

I have two pets in total. Haha yes you heard it right! We have adopted a mongrel "Kallu" and he's with us since 4 years now. Also, we have got a Golden retriever puppy recently and it's only been a few weeks since she's home! ^_^


3) What was it like when you first met them ?

It was Love at first sight!
Those tiny little eyes and tiny little hands make you fall in love with them in a second!


4) What have been the challenges that you've faced as a pet parent ?

Well being a pet parent is just not about coochy coos and cuddling, you have to take up a huge responsibility too! .
However silly it might sound, but the biggest challenge for me is to train them enough so that they can stay without me and my family for at least 5-6 hours. When you are in a metropolitan city and a 9 to 6 job cycle, you tend to stay away from home for a considerable amount of time. Make sure your pets are trained enough to adapt to this lifestyle! :)


5) How rewarding has being a pet parent been for you ?

Ah it's just a blessing to have a pet around you 24*7! Being a pet parent teaches you a lot of stuff. Patience is one quality that strengthens as and when your little one (read. Puppy) grows. Plus there have been times when the closest of folks have left you in life and that's the exact moment when you realize that "Hey! There's my pet! There's my best friend wagging his tail and waiting for me to talk to him about all my worries!" I know it might sound silly, but that's kinda gratifying & rewarding for me! I'm sure all pet parents would agree!


6) What has been the biggest learning experience for you ?

Pets are just like babies filled with intense emotions. They aren't just mere creatures out there to glorify your house. They teach you a lot!
As mentioned earlier, patience and being more responsible is something that gets into you while being a pet parent!


7) One message for other pet parents/ aspiring pet parents ?

For other pet parents, I would just say that be sure about your veterinary doctors or pet hospitals near your area. Make sure they are qualified enough to treat and groom your dog well. I have lost a pet due to wrong diagnosis and that's the worst thing that can happen to anybody.
For aspiring pet parents, I would just say that being a pet parent comes with a lot of responsibilities. From basic potty training to grooming to constant health check ups, you should have the time to manage all of this. But in the end, all these efforts do make sense.
Plus, #AdoptDontShop should be the mantra for aspiring pet parents! There are tons of innocent souls waiting at the kennels for you. . And if you are getting it from a breeder, make sure that your to-be pet is registered with the necessary documents!

Being a pet parent is truly a blessing! :)