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1) Can you give a short introduction about yourself and what you do ?

My name is Kiran Bathija. I am currently pursuing my post-graduate degree, run a food blog & passionately write about food.


2) What is your pet's name/breed and how long have you been with them ?

I am a doting mom to a 5 year old Labrador Retriever, whom we have named 'Muffin'!


3) What was it like when you first met them ?

The feel was more towards being excited and nervous, all at the same time! Knowing that bringing home a pet adds up to the responsibility, but also adds a spark to your life. My heart was completely filled with joy the day I bought her home!


4) What have been the challenges that you've faced as a pet parent ?

As a pet parent, I've always faced issues with people who are not fond of dogs. Muffin is a very docile dog and has never harmed anybody till date, yet there are many people who cause trouble i.e. send in notices from the society- either to keep her on leash all the time or not let her roam in the society premises.


5) How rewarding has being a pet parent been for you ?

The rewards one gets as a pet parent are priceless:
1. You get a companion for life.
2. Your dog will never let you be alone.
3. Makes your life so much better in every sense.
4. Made me more responsible and caring towards her needs.


6) What has been the biggest learning experience for you ?

Muffin, unbelievably has a strong instinct towards people who dislike her. So she never goes in front of them or troubles them in anyway. That, in turn made me realize that you have to ignore people who hate you, and give your attention to those who are the lovable kind. Apart from that she also taught me how to be a good listener, since she's always there to listen to my stories and only I know how good does it feel to share something with someone who is a good listener. Muffin has indeed taught me lessons for a lifetime!


7) One message for other pet parents/ aspiring pet parents ?

My only request to all the pet lovers out there is that- Give your full attention to your pet when they're a puppy. Train them well, give them lots of time when they're young so that they become well-behaved & friendly pets.