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5 Pet Friendly Hotels Near Mumbai (Part 2)


Here’s our part two to ‘5 pet-friendly hotels near Mumbai’ blog, in case you have missed that we recommend you to go through that once by clicking at the link ( https://www.mypetshop.in/pet-friendly-hotels-near-mumbai/?___store=english ). We know as a pet owner you are more and more loving towards pet and hence treat them like a family. As such, you carefully consider its needs, care and well-being when you plan trips or vacations. Unlike the old days, when you were forced to leave your pet with a sitter, you now have several options available if you want to take it along with you on the road.


Taking a pet along with you on a vacation is not very common but your beloved pet is a part of your family and you obviously want them to be part of your vacation. You might even want to celebrate their birthdays, get fancy cakes for them, have their own little corner with their toys, run around the room having fun and enjoying holidays with you. There are a plenty of pet-friendly accommodations that can provide both space and facilities suitable for your pet. 


Some pet-friendly hotel offers some exclusive facilities to your pet, right from beds, rugs, toys and food. Some other services like grooming and vet services can also be availed at an extra cost at the hotel. So if you decide to enjoy your holidays with your pets there are pet-friendly rental hotels near Mumbai where you can take your pets along! We have sniffed places near Mumbai and got this list ready for you.


Sidz Cottage

Enveloped by the natural beauty of Alibag and the peaceful surroundings, Sidz Cottage is the right choice for you if you are tired of the monotony of a run-of-mill hotel.

Contact:098811 99768



Kundalika Cottages

Extremely serene, set amidst lovely trees, you'll immediately find relaxing and enjoying the sounds of the birds and the gentle flow of the river.

Contact:02194 693767



Krushnai Resort

The bungalow is fitted with a huge outdoor area where you can indulge in a number of rejuvenating activities. It’s good for you & your pets since there are plenty of indoor games to entertain & open spaces for them to run around.

Contact: 08380088374



Novotel Imagica Khopoli

In addition to an indoor pool and an outdoor pool, Novotel Imagica Khopoli provides a spa tub. This pet-friendly hotel also offers pet’s pool, a 24-hour fitness centre and a library. Complimentary self-parking and valet parking are available on-site. It is known for its climate hence enjoyable for you & your pets.

Contact: 02192662666



Durshet Forest A Nature Trails Resorts

The resort offers guests a complimentary breakfast each morning. This pet-friendly resort also offers an outdoor pool, a garden and supervised pet care facility & a lot of fun activities. They welcome pets with a warm heart.

Contact: 08080805902




These are some pet- friendly hotels but we also have an option of keeping your pets at sitter since you might want to spend your weekend getaway only with your company. Here are some of them,



Guardian of the Purr

Mehar and Yashashree started Guardian of the Purr, a cat sitting service where they will come to your house to look after your feline while you’re away. They’ll take care of the necessities like cleaning up the litter box and refilling water and food, as well as play with your kitty so he or she doesn’t feel lost without you.

Contact: +91 9833938582




Priyamvada will come to your house to pet sit your dog while the family's away. She recommends you give her at least 15 days’ notice and a pre-boarding meeting. You can leave your dog with her knowing he or she will be well taken care of, from their daily walks to plenty of love and affection. If required, she'll stay overnight as well.

Contact: +91 75067 37827




Petcetra provides pet sitting services across the city. They’re a good option if your pet doesn’t adapt easily to new environments, as it’s a home service. A volunteer will arrange to make daily home visits or stay 24 hours to ensure your pet is given food, exercise and also offer grooming options.

Contact: + 91 99202 39004