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Pawsitive Diwali for pets this year

Ludhiana: Pets must have felt happy this festive season, as there was no case of emergency reported in the city post-Diwali. Dr Tarun Bir, assistant scientist at Gadvasu (Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University), who was assigned on emergency duty, said: "We did not get any emergency case this year. Pets do not enjoy the noise, colours, or lights of Diwali, but no cases were reported this year." He added that when it comes to street dogs, people try not to scare them, as they are aware, and try and stop others from throwing crackers at them


Local resident Abhishek Jain said: "I gave food to a street dog, kept water for pets outside my home, and gave them temporary shelter in my garage. I also kept the contact details of pets rescue groups, animal shelters, and Gadvasu." Sources disclosed that last year, 16 cases were reported of burns and injuries among pets, while in 2015, as many as 22 cases were reported.

Dog owner Sugam Bajaj said: "Noise pollution due to crackers is very harmful to my pet's health, so I purchase earmuffs or cover the ears with a soft cloth. I shut doors and windows, and keep the curtains drawn when fireworks begin. I do not let my dog move out of the house, and he was aware of my presence." Srishti Bansal from Sarabha Nagar, who bought a nine-year-old pug in July, said: "My dog was running inside the house to hide under a sofa or bed when he heard the noise of crackers. I did not force him come out."

Original Article: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/chandigarh/pawsitive-diwali-for-pets-this-year/articleshow/61157440.cms