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Owners dumping pet dogs with ailments on streets: Activists

NAVI MUMBAI: There have been a number of cases in Navi Mumbai over the past few weeks, both Indie and pedigree, because of the pets being abandoned by the owners.

The pets are being dropped off on the road during the night and most of them were ill. Activists are having a tough time finding medical help or foster homes for these animals.

"People tend to abandon their pets whether Indie or pedigree even if they have problems like a skin infection which is cureble," said Rinki, an animal activist from Panvel.

Another activist from Kharghar, Anamika Chowdhury, said at least two dogs are abandoned every day.

"The Indie dogs can survive but the pedigrees cannot. When the pet is young, all is well, but as the dog grows their needs change, the diet increases, hair sheds and they are prone to skin infections. Then the owners decide that they don't want the animal any more and leave them to fend for themselves," she said.

Chowdhury has been looking for homes for a four-month-old Pomeranian and an 18-month-old Golden Retriever. "I am looking for homes for these animals."

Rescuers believe Labradors are being dumped because they are not good security dogs and are rather family pets. Often societies don't allow members to keep pets.

- Original article from- The Times of India Link- http://bit.ly/2faIr1Y