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Having an older pet is easier to train

Q1. Can you tell me something about yourself?

A.  My name is Lisa Malik and I am an actor.


Q2. Can you tell us something about your pet?

A.  I have two dogs. The older one is Sherry and she is a 7-year-old Cocker Spaniel. I just recently bought a Labrador who is just 42 days old.


Q3. What was it like when you first met them?

A.  Sherry was 3 months old when I brought her home so I didn’t have any problem of sleepless nights and poop. I personally think that having an older dog is way better but one still needs to understand them. The new one is still coping up and we are trying our level best to take care of him till he becomes a little older so that we can train him as to where he should poop.


Q4. What was the biggest challenge of being a pet parent?

A.  I have had Sherry for 7 years who is mature while the new one is very small so the biggest challenge was to get Sherry familiar with the Labrador. Till now Sherry had been raised as the queen of the family but when I brought the new one she was grovelling a lot as the new one was getting more attention than her but today both are completely comfortable with each other.


Q5. What has been the most rewarding part of being a pet parent?

A.  Having a pet in the house is the most rewarding thing one can ask for. At times when my mood is not good, they will notice it and come to me, lick my hands and do certain things which will uplift my mood and make me happy again.


Q6. What has been a learning experience of being a pet parent?

A.  I have learned that having an older pet is much easier to train and with time we begin to understand them from the gestures they make and the body language they use to convey messages. No matter how sad I am they are always there to cheer me up and help me forget my problems and stress which in turn helps me to look at life with a higher perspective. 


Q7. What message would you like to give to new or aspiring pet parents?

A.  I have seen that in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, a new trend has emerged of owning a pet but before buying a pet you should be mentally prepared as to what you are getting yourself into. You should also understand that having a pet is just like having a new baby who can’t speak but you must take care of your pet always.