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Q. Can you tell us something about yourself?
A. I am Jayesh and I am working in a service industry.

Q. Can you tell us something about your pet?
A. My pet’s name is Scooter and he is a Shih Tzu. I had brought him home when he was around 2 months and currently he is 5 months old.

Q. What was it like when you first saw him?
A. Everyone in my family was aware that I was getting a pet so they were ready for it. When I brought him home at that time all my family members were overjoyed. Having a pet who loves you for what you are is something which made me and members of my family very happy.

Q. What has been the biggest challenge of being a pet parent?
A.My pet is small so, he doesn’t understand certain things and he also doesn’t know how to behave in public. I have got a trainer for my pet so, everyone at home knows that he will behave in a much better way but till then we all must keep our patience.

Q. What has been the rewarding part of being a pet parent?
A. After having a pet at my home, the environment in my house has changed completely. Everyone in my house have become more cheerful. In the evening, everyone is excited to reach home because we all love the welcome that my pet gives.

Q. What has been your learning experience of being a pet parent?
A. Having a pet has taught me that one should take a responsibility if they can fulfill it. Again, every decision I take has an impact on not just me but also on my family so, I should take a decision after thinking about it.

Q. Can you give us a message for new / aspiring pet parent?
A. Before getting a pet, you should research as to which pet will suit your lifestyle. Having a pet means you will be taking care of a baby who will never grow up even if they become 14 years old.