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'No pets allowed? We are vacating then’

While growing up in Dubai and during visits to his grandparents' home in Pathanamthitta, kittens were Shobal GT's only companions. When he shifted to Kochi for his studies after Plus Two, he was a little lonely, living alone in a PG accommodation. So when his school friend gave him one of the four kittens from his cat's litter, Shobil happily brought it home, though he knew his landlady would create a scene. And it was love at first sight for both Shobal and the kitten, who he named Charlie. In order to avoid the landlady's notice, Shobal would keep the kitten in his car during the day when he went to college, and visit him during breaks. But the arrangement couldn't continue for long, so one day he left Charlie in his room upstairs.

The landlady could hear meows and tried searching for the source but was unsuccessful.

However, Shobal couldn't fool her for long. One day, when Shobal came back home, he found his room empty. The landlady came up and casually told him, "I have thrown away whatever you are searching for." An enraged Shobal shouted at her and ran out to search for Charlie. After a long and frantic search in the rain, he finally found him, crouching under a plant, cold and shivering. He took him and walked towards his room where he saw the landlady barring his way. "No way are you bringing in the kitten. Either throw it out or you can leave," she told him.

Without thinking twice, Shobil took his car and left for a friend's house nearby, with Charlie. He called up his father in Dubai and told him about the situation but was advised to somehow stay there until he came to India. Left with no other choice, Shobal stayed at various friends' places with Charlie but finally dropped the kitten at the house of a friend of his, Monu Kuttan, also a pet lover

Monu, who already had three dogs, two love birds and a tortoise at his home, happily welcomed the new addition. Charlie too quickly befriended the three dogs — Thakkudu, Vee Vee and Megha. But apparently, Monu too had a similar story to relate! He was earlier staying in a rented flat but then his landlord gave him a stern warning against keeping pets, because of which he finally decided to move to an independent house. Monu and his friends dug a pit in their backyard to keep the tortoise. The dogs need 3 kg of meat every day but even if he and his mother had to settle for dal and rice, the dogs will be fed, is Monu's policy in life.

Today, Charlie, Thakkudu, Vee Vee and Megha live together along with their master/friend Monu and his mother and sister. Their group of friends — Pradeep, Jason, Ajay, Tanmay loves to visit the pet brigade and also help take care of them when Monu is not at home. Shobal and Monu have only one thing to tell house owners - 'Our pets are like family for us. Will you ask a couple to throw out their infant because it cries at night and maybe dirties the floor? The same way, we do our best to make sure our pets don't disturb others. Don't deny someone a place to live just because they have a pet.'

- Original article by- The Times Of India Link- http://bit.ly/2ywxNqb