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Important message for pet parent from Mrs. Malik

Q. Can you give me a basic introduction about yourself and what you do?
A.My name is Nita Malik. I am currently a retired housewife.

Q. Can you tell us something about your pet?
A.My dog's name is Lui and he is a male Miniature French Bull dog. I have had him since he was just 60 days old and he is now currently 10 months. We adopted him from Delhi as French Bull dogs are not easily available is Mumbai. Before we got him, he was down with slight fever and had to be treated in Delhi before getting him down to Mumbai.

Q. What are the challenges you had to face as a pet parent?
A. My little Lui is very playful and equally loving, although he isn't friendly with other dogs, so I’m constantly afraid that he could end up in a fight which could result with him getting hurt. He is a very human friendly dog and loves being petted and hugged. Like any other mother, I get super scared when he falls sick and it's an immediate trip to the vet, even though he may not always like it.

Q. How rewarding has it been for you being a pet parent?
A. How can you be sad when he is always there making you smile? Even though he wasn’t my first pet, I cannot help but feel so much love towards him as his pet parent. His love for us is infinite and even more for the occasional dog treat.

Q. What has been the biggest learning for you?
A. Having a pet has changed my perspective about life! He has shown me what unconditional love feels like and I know that I won’t be able to deal with life if anything happens to my little Lui.

Q. One message for other pet parents or aspiring pet parents?
A.Just one small thing, If you can’t devote yourself to your pet, then you shouldn't get one. They are as dependent as human children and while a human child may grow up and be able to fend for themselves, a pet can’t and will need you to be there by their side all the time.