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A make-up artist and her best friend

Q1. Can you tell me something about yourself?

A.  My name is Abhishakta Ghosh and I am a makeup artist.


Q2. Can you tell us something about your pet?

A. I have a dog and his name is Stark. He is 4 months old.


Q3. What was it like when you first met him?

A.  I had got him from a family who had champion breed couple and when I had gone to see him, something in me told me that he is the one I want. He is a bit naughty but at the same time, he is very obedient.


Q4. What was the biggest challenge of being a pet parent?

A.  The biggest challenge is coping with keeping my house clean as I live alone. I also work, so at times, I have to leave him alone in the house for an hour or so and when I return home my house stinks with his poop.


Q5. What has been the most rewarding part of being a pet parent?

A.  Having him around helps me a lot. He always keeps me busy and with time he has become a companion whom I look forward to meeting after a hectic day. At times, when I am upset he comes to me, plays with me and helps me to forget all my worries.  


Q6. What has been a learning experience of being a pet parent?

A.  I have learned to keep my cool when caught up in tough situations as whenever I come home my pet always keeps a mess ready for me and I have to deal with it but the unconditional love which he showers on me is an experience I can’t explain in words.


Q7. What message would you like to give to new or aspiring pet parents?

A.  All a pet ever needs from you is the love and care which you can give but you should never lose your temper on them. You should understand that they are like just new-born babies and you will always have to adjust your work as per your pet’s need.