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Q. Can you tell us something about yourself? A. My name is Liza Pandya and I am an event manager. I live in Malad. Q. Can you tell us something about your pet? A. I have a dog named Yoda. He is a 3 month old Boxer. Q. What was it like when you first saw him? A. We first saw him after he completed a long and hectic journey from Goa to Mumbai. After coming to our house, he suffered from pneumonia as he completed his journey in an AC bus but, after a week of medication he became healthy. Q. What has been the biggest challenge of being a pet parent? A. Since we became pet parents for the first time, it is a challenge for us because we don’t have any knowledge about the same. Again, keeping the house clean by picking up his poop every time is also problematic because training them is not easy until they are 6 months old. Hopefully with age things will settle. Q. What has been the rewarding part of being a pet parent? A. I wasn’t a dog person so when he came to my house I didn’t touch him for days. Living with him for some time had such an impact on me that today I can’t think of living without him. Q. What has been your learning experience of being a pet parent? A. Since, we are having a pet for the first time, I am giving my 100% to make sure everything is fine. Taking care of him, has given me confidence that I can do a number of new things which I haven’t tried or done before. Q. Can you give us a message for new / aspiring pet parent? A. Having a pet is a beautiful feeling and you should feel lucky for owning one. You would be knowing many people who would discourage you from having a pet but if you have decided to have a pet then don’t give it a second thought and get one for yourself. Again, you know yourself better than anyone else in this world.