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Dr. Chetan Lavekar. I am a 1994 graduate of the Bombay Veterinary College. I have been concentrating on treatment of canines in Suburban Mumbai. During course of my practice I observed that many of the problems that dogs faced were due to improper and inadequate training. Then started educating my clients on proper training and socialization of their pets . Seeing a notable reduction in sickness in trained dogs I started learning dog training from various leading trainers. In conjunction with my busy practice I started training dogs as a Hobby . My work as honorary veterinarian to dog squads of govt and semi govt agencies gave me more insight into need for scientific and force free training methods which would appeal to pet owners. After years of learning latest methods from various masters I have now totally diversified into training puppies so they grow up into obedient and healthy pets. I also advice performers on proper management of their dogs from feeding, exercise and veterinary angles.


 1.  Tell us something about you and your dog training experiences?

I'm Dr.Chetan Lavekar and I'm a dog trainer in Mumbai. I am a 1994 graduate of the Bombay Veterinary College and I treat canines mainly in Suburban part of Mumbai.


2.  What motivated you to start giving training?

    I have been practising as a veterinarian since a very long time and it was during my practice I observed that many dogs faced several problems due to inadequate and improper training. As a result, I began to educate my clients on what kind of training should their dogs undergo and how to socialize their dogs which led to a notable decrease in sickness in dogs.   


3.  What are the biggest challenges in training for dogs?

My biggest challenge was keeping a balance between my profession as a veterinarian and my hobby as a dog trainer but coping with both has enabled me to learn a lot from various leading trainers. The fact that every dog has different nature, each dog must be trained in a different way which has enabled me to develop different training techniques for dogs who have different levels of aggression. 


4.  How has customer feedback motivated you in training?

Most of my customers have always come back with their feedback which has helped me a lot. Though I started training dogs as a hobby, it was basically the favourable responses I received from my customers is what encouraged me to take dog training as a full-time profession. Again, pets whom I have trained rarely fall sick and remain healthy for longer period of time.  



5.  Do you have any advice for new/aspiring pet parents?


If you want your pet to grow into a healthy and obedient dog then you should get a trainer for your dog at an early age. Again, dogs who have undergone training are found to fall sick less often the those who were never trained.


6.  Have you noticed any change in the mindset of pet parents over the years?


Earlier, pet parents were not ready to train their dogs but today more and more parents have started to train their dogs. Many parents want a trainer who can train their pets in a force-free way so that their pet is not scared of anything in their life.


7.  Any tips that you would like to give to pet parents?

You should always choose a trainer who is qualified to train your dog and who will share with you the details as to how they will train your dog. Again, choosing a good trainer will help you and your dog to live in harmony after his training gets over. You should also feed your dogs with quality food so that he remains active and happy.


8.  What are the common mistakes that are done by pet parents?

The most common mistake by pet parents is that they still don’t do a background search as to how the trainer will train their dog because there are several trainers who use abusive methods to train dogs. This, a many times increases aggression in dogs and at times the dogs attack their parent which result in them living on the streets.


9.  How can pet parents reach you?

People can reach me on 9867570741 between 9 am - 9 pm. You can even connect with me via email - clavekar@yahoo.com. You can even visit http://k9training.in/ for more information.