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Gourmutt - The Pet Bakery

What is Gourmutt ?

Gourmutt is a pet bakery, based in Mumbai delivering custom, made to order treats for your furkid . Gourmutt has been creating sumptuous treats since 2008/09, we spoke to the brains behind ‘Gourmutt’- Bhavini Bangera ,who holds a degree in food technology and has a passion for baking and here’s what she had to say.


Can you tell us a bit about GourMutt ?

Gourmutt was started way back in 2008/09, we specialize in birthday cakes, treats and snacks for dog birthday parties, pizzas,biryani,puffs,cupcakes,gift packs,etc, all our cakes and treats are made-to-order.


What motivated you to start a pet bakery ?

I hold a degree in food technology among others, in 2008, I realized there wasn’t much available in terms of food products for pets and as we all know they have special dietary needs. I wanted my pet to have the best of treats but couldn’t find it anywhere. Hence, I decided to open ‘Gourmutt’ as I felt that if humans deserved special treats on occasions like birthdays,etc why not pets ?


Biggest challenges

As a pet parent, I've always faced issues with people who are not fond of dogs. Muffin is a very docile dog and has never harmed anybody till date, yet there are many people who cause trouble i.e. send in notices from the society- either to keep her on leash all the time or not let her roam in the society premisesPricing is a big challenge, the pet market isn’t evolved here in India . Pet parents ideally don’t like to spend that much on their pet’s food and don’t realize that quality comes at a price. We serve fresh chicken,etc and all the products are made to order, hence we are priced at a higher spectrum.


One thing that you wish people knew

I wish people knew that dogs don’t do well with protein sourced from proteins, and require meat proteins as they descend from wolves, they should also avoid all wheat products.


Where do you see gourmutt in 5 years ?

I don’t see gourmutt as a business but as my passion, I love baking for dogs and when pet parents share their feedback and photos with their pets that makes me really happy.


How has customer feedback motivated you ?

Whenever I deliver my products, I encourage my customers to share their feedback, whether it’s positive or negative, it doesn’t matter. Pet parents have had tears in their eyes after they saw their pets happily eating Gourmutt cakes and that brings me immense happiness!