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Dogs are a gift sent from heaven

Q Can you give us a basic introduction about yourself?

 Hi, I am Disha Dhama. Currently, I am a housewife


Q Can you tell us something about your pet?

 My pet’s name is Shine Dhama and she will be 9 years old on April 27th 2017. She is a mixed-breed of Pekingese and Pom and she is very beautiful. Her color is very rare. She is very sensitive and attached to people


Q What has been the biggest challenge of being a pet parent?

 The biggest challenge I have faced is that, I am currently raising a pet with a human kid. My daughter is 2 years old but I am having my pet for 9 years so my pet is very jealous of her. Thus, my pet wants to bite my daughter and it is not easy to keep my daughter away from my pet as she is very fond of pets.


Q What was it like when you first met your pet?

 I have earlier lost a pet and it had made me very sad. Seeing a pet at my friend’s place inspired me to adopt another dog and at the pet shop, I saw this cute little dog which had a unique color and was so cute that I fell in love with her. The feeling of having her was the same I had felt when I had delivered my own child.


Q What has been the rewarding part of being a pet parent?

My pet has been Miss Surat and even her daughter who died two months back was also Miss Surat. She, winning the title was very rewarding for me as she has been just like my daughter and the feeling of her winning a prize is still fresh in my mind.


Q What has been the biggest learning experience of being a pet parent?

 The biggest learning experience is that I do understand my pet and that’s how I could figure out that she was not well. I got her checked and found out that she had kidney failure so I think I can no longer deal with a loss of my pet and I might not have any pets in future.


Q Can you give a message for new or aspiring pet parents?

 My message for youngsters is that in a hurry or since you like an animal you might get a pet but remember that you would be out of your house for 8 - 12 hours so, it’s important to plan everything out & you will need someone who will you look after your pet. Let me also remind you that just feeding your pet is not enough. You will also be required to take care of them. Further, getting a pet is easy but taking care of them is harder.