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Q) When is it okay for my dog to be off leash?

Before you let your dog off the leash you need to ask a number of questions to yourself like: -

  1. Am I able to control my dog when he/she is on the leash with various commands like stop, stay etc. and will he/she obey the same when off the leash?  
  2. Will my dog come to me when I call his/her name when off the leash?
  3. Have I socialized my dog enough so that he/she will neither be afraid or fearful of other dogs nor show any type of aggression towards other people, children or other dogs/animals?
  4. Are you sure your dog will neither run behind other dogs nor invade others?
  5. If all the answers to the above questions are yes, then you can try putting your dog off the leash in a small area with very few people & animals and if he behaves as expected then you can try it in a much bigger place.