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Q. Can you tell us something about yourself?

A. I am Simran and I am a hair stylist by profession.


Q. Can you tell us something about your pet?

A. I have a cat since a few days so I haven’t named her. She is 3 years old and was rescued from a house where she was ill-treated. I am thinking of adopting her because I already have a cat at home who is 4 years old.


Q. What was it like when you first saw him?

A. I was a dog person because everyone in my house including me used to adore dogs but when I first saw this cat something in me told me to go forward and take care of her. Over these years, I have never regretted my decision of taking care of a cat and it is something I am very proud of.


Q. What has been the biggest challenge of being a pet parent?

A. The biggest challenge was looking after her as I used to work for long hours. So, in order to take care of them, I had to cut down my working hours. Another challenge is that cats like to play a lot but while playing with them you tend to get certain scratches and if you have a baby at home then it becomes a challenge to keep your pets away from your baby.


Q. What has been the rewarding part of being a pet parent?

A. The most rewarding part is that I had to cut down on my working hours and this enabled me to stay at home for a longer period of time. Eventually, it has helped me and my husband to plan for a baby which we wouldn’t have planned otherwise due to our hectic work schedule. 


Q. What has been your learning experience of being a pet parent?

A. Having a pet around has enabled my 2 year old son to become more compassionate and he has started to understand as to when the cats need my attention and when they don’t. I would like to say that having a pet is helpful for the next generation as it helps one to become a better human being.


Q. Can you give us a message for new / aspiring pet parent?

A. If there is a baby in your house then you should get a cat after the baby is old enough to understand things. Again, getting a pet is a responsibility you will have to fulfil and if you are having thoughts then you should not have a pet.