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A single cure for loneliness

Q) Can you tell me something about yourself?

I am Anisa Raina and I have a dog. Her name is Lazy and she is a 1 year old Shih Tzu.


Q) What was it like when you first met her?

We had bought her home when she was 1 month old. When we got her home, she was very cute and small. With time, I have fallen in love with her and we both can’t live a day without each other.


Q) What was the biggest challenge of being a pet parent?

 Since she is very small, I have to be very careful while taking her out. I also have to be very careful while hugging her so that I don’t hug her very tightly.


Q) What has been the most rewarding part of being a pet parent?

She is very playful and seeing her playing always brings a smile on my face. At times, just by seeing her helps me forget about the stress I am going through and I start to look at life in a positive manner.


Q) What has been a learning experience of being a pet parent?

 My experience has been great. Whenever she is around, my time flies and when she is not around, I really miss her company.


Q) What message would you like to give to new or aspiring pet parents?

 By adopting a pet you would no longer feel lonely in Life. If there is any problem in your life, then having a pet will give you the courage to face the problem and find a solution for it as your pet will always stay by your side no matter what happens.