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Adopt a pet Don't Stop!

Q. Can you give us some basic information about yourself?

A. Hi! My name is Suzane D’souza. I work for an organization that deals with medical transcription.


Q. Can you tell us something about your dog?

A. My dog’s name is Blacky and she is a Doberman. We got her when she was about a year old and now she is currently 5 years. She is the craziest and the most active dog I have ever seen. The most defining thing about her is her love for vegetables, I don’t think I have met a dog that has such an appetite for vegetables.


Q. So what was it like when you first met her?

A. When we first met, she was so small and tiny. But that small size didn’t stop her from being this huge ball of energy. Even till date one of her most defining aspect is that she is active and playful.


Q. What are the challenges you faced as a pet parents?

A. Since I was new to being a pet parent, I had no clue how to train her. Hence this has led her to sometimes fight and bark at other people. But now, she is under strict training under me.


Q. What are the perks of being a pet parent for you?

The perks of being a pet parent are very high. For one, whenever I’m alone at home or whenever I feel down or lonely, she does the cutest thing! She will place her head on my lap and look at me with the beautiful eyes. If that doesn’t work, she will lick me until I am smiling again. How can you ever be depressed after that?


 Q. What has been the biggest learning experience for you?

A. I have learned that they carry passion which is very unique and it is absent in humans.


Q. One message for other pet parents or aspiring pet parents?

A. Adopt don’t shop! While all pets will love you the same whether it they are from the street or from a good breeder. A street animal needs you more and sometimes might not survive without our help.