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Action Pets Kennels was formed by Mr. Rahul Garg in the year 2005. He worked primarily with rescued pedigree dogs. All the abandoned pets were given shelter and nursed back to good health. These dogs were then trained well to be professional security dogs.
They are in the beautiful hills of Yewoor far away from the city traffic which provides the suitable environment for the dogs to develop their instincts in a better way and the perfect surrounding for dog training. They also provide backup dogs with handlers if they are required in case of any emergencies. All the expenses for the backup services are boned by Action Dogs. They only charge for the Dogs on duty.

1.  Tell us something about you and your dog training experiences?

I'm Rahul Garg and I own Action Pets Kennel. I had founded it in 2005. I have experience in dealing with rescued pedigree dogs whom I train to become professional security dogs. People at Action Kennel are best and experienced trainers.


2.  What motivated you to start giving training?

I started my career as a person who used to look after rescued pedigree dogs. While working with them, I realized that though their breed was good still they lacked proper training. Many of them had got training but it was not up to the mark so, I thought of training them which can help them find a lovely house to live in. 



3.  What are the biggest challenges in training for dogs?

The biggest challenge is figuring out how aggressive a dog is and how would they react in the presence of the other dogs. Again, it is important to find out what encourages and discourages them? What makes them aggressive and what cools them down? etc. Once you know all this, it is very easy to train them. It is hard to train a dog who fears people or other animals.


4.  How has customer feedback motivated you in training?

I like customer feedback a lot. They have always helped me to develop different training schedule for different type of dogs. Certain feedback has helped me to re-think my ways of training dogs which has helped me to become a leading company in the field of Dog Security. We also provide grooming services to dogs before they leave us. 


5.  Do you have any advice for new/aspiring pet parents?

Before getting a particular breed do some research about, how aggressive is the breed? How much space do they need? What kind of food you will have to feed them? Etc. All this will help you to choose a dog which suits your style and eating habits so that your new member of the family will remain healthy and active.


6.  Have you noticed any change in the mindset of pet parents over the years?

Today, people prefer small breeds like Pomeranian which is in trend. But still many people are preferring dogs who can keep them happy. Couples are working, so they are choosing dogs who can guard their house. As a result, they get their dogs trained so that they have less things to worry about.


7.  Any tips that you would like to give to pet parents?

Choosing a trainer for your pet is as important as choosing a breed because a well-trained dog will help you live a happy life while a dog which is poorly trained will make your life hell. Do pay attention to how your trainer will train your dog because many trainers hit dogs very cruelly when they make mistakes but in the process, many a time a dog fears people which is hard to get rid of.


8.  What are the common mistakes that are done by pet parents?

The most common mistake by pet parents is that people want a pet but they don’t know how to take care of them especially when they are a first-time owner. Before you get a pet, ask a lot of questions to the breeder about dog feeding habits, dog likes, dog dislikes etc. so that you can enjoy a wonderful living experience with your four-legged friend.


9.  How can pet parents reach you?

I'm available on 9757104070.

People can reach them on 9757104070. You can even connect with me via email - enquiry@actiondogsservices.com. You can even visit http://www.actiondogsservices.com for more information.